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An Antarctic Photo Album, Volume 4
by Dale Andersen

Text and Photographs ©copyright 1996 Dale T. Andersen. All Rights Reserved. Reproduced with permission.

[578, 34k jpeg] Ponds located on Bratina Island.

Ponds located on Bratina Island. A number of studies are taking place at Bratina Island, including work carried out by scientists\ from The National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research, Ltd. Christchurch, New Zealand. Bratina Island is located on the McMurdo Ice Shelf, just North of Black Island. Tens of thousands of ponds and meltpools are located here. Many of these ponds are quite productive with dense microbial mats forming within the pools. Much of the 'land' seen in these images is actually sediment on top of an ice-shelf several hundereds of meters thick helf several hundreds of meters thick. The constant movement of this ice-shelf has helped to create this unique

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